Wandering in Story County: Mini Junk Jaunt

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It was spring break (2016) for my homeschool kiddos and I had planned fun outings for them throughout the week.  I took the bull by the horn and also hired a sitter to be with my 11 yr old son, my 7 yr old and 21 month old daughters for an afternoon.  With a sitter in place I flew from the nest with hugs and kisses from the little ones, and skipped all the way to the car.

I love the thrill of what people call "junking" or "antiquing".  My whole brain becomes like a pinball machine with the ball pinging against each of the bumpers and metal targets.  I like to touch (yes, I am one of those) and take in the aroma of the candles in each of the shops.  

I admire and appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into each handmade item.  I "ooh" and "awe" over the treasures recovered or re-purposed from a time period where plastics and china manufacturing didn't rule the shelves of the big box stores.

I didn't get to all the stores I wanted to, but here is a list of the stops I did make on my mini junk jaunt.  I had a wonderful afternoon out and came home with fabulous new treasures.

=====   Wandering in Story County: Mini Junk Jaunt   =====

Locations of Junk Jaunt

Starting out at home (a.k.a. Anvil Market), I drove to Nevada, IA and my first stop was a store called Rustiq [1026 6th St., Nevada, IA http://www.shoprustiq.com].

Update: As of 4/5/2017 this store is no longer in business

I did not meet the owner(s) of this store, but had a nice chat with the lady that was working the sales counter.  I enjoyed seeing the handmade items in the store.  I understand that many of the items are locally made.  I bought 3 large metal keys for $10.00.  I am planning on using these on a gallery wall I am designing.

My second stop was a short walk down the street to the store A Little Piece of Iowa LLCUpdate: As of 4/5/2017 this store is no longer in business

 A Little Piece of Iowa LLC

I meet the owner Jody Lyn Brooke and enjoyed chatting with her very much.  The store is beautifully laid out containing a fun mix of items made in Iowa from soaps to knitted items and more.  If you stop in be sure to look up at her chandelier!  I bought two wreaths made from multiple strands of old metal fencing wire for $7.00 ea.

My travels then took me into Ames where my third stop was at the Tangerine Zebra [29 Main St., Ames, IA https://www.facebook.com/TangerineZebra].

Update: As of 4/5/2017 this physical store is no longer in business, however, the owners travel to shows around the State.

Tangerine Zebra 

The Tangerine Zebra is quit the store with something for everyone.  From amazing manufactured metal orbs to costume jewelry to vintage treasures and more. I did not meet the owner(s) of this store, but had a nice chat with the lady that was working the sales counter.  I spent a bit of time in this store just looking at everything.  I tend to do a complete "lap" around a store, then go back to the beginning and start again picking up my treasures for purchase.  At this store I bought a beautiful copper colored 18" chain necklace with a copper colored clock locket.  I also purchased a 6-panel glass window that was painted black.  Even though I have well over 40 windows in stock for Anvil Market I couldn't pass up a 6 panel.  I spent a total of $49.22 in this store.

I decided to walk main street in Ames to see the other stores.  I stumbled upon Lindsey Loo's [312 Main St., Ames, IA https://www.facebook.com/Lindsey-Loos-1214260835256276/timeline].

Lindsey Loo's

When I stepped into this store I immediately felt the country charm.  Friends if you are looking for a local place to buy pip berry strands look no further!  You will be in pip berry heaven!  This store was beautifully decorated with charming home decor items.  Lindsey Loo's also carries packages of soups and various mixes.  I noticed signs up by the entrance that this store offers classes such as chalk painting.

My last stop took me out to a place I have been long waiting to visit FUNky Roost [5760 US-6, Ames, IA https://www.facebook.com/FuNkyRoost/timeline].

FUNky Roost 

I called out to the FUNky Roost to ensure they would be open as it was nearing their closing time.  The owner Jane told me they were closed for the day but I could still come on out and have a look around.  When I pulled up I was absolutely loving the creativity of the items displayed on the outside of the building and couldn't wait to step inside.  I enjoyed chatting with Jane and sharing about the different things we both make and do for our businesses.  You can find some really neat furniture pieces and unique home decor.  I bought an old toolbox, 6 vintage gallon glass jugs, a small glass bottle and a combination cork/magnet board.  The magnet board was cut from corrugated steel.  My total was $41.00, but I have my eye on some other items! ==============================================

Going to these stores makes me as happy as a puppy chasing his tail or a kitten under a leaky dairy cow! If you are in the area I hope you can make it to one of these stores.

A few others we have been to that we really like are: Pickers Parlor [302 W 2nd Street, Atlantic, IA] and the Egg Krate [2104 Broadway Ave, Elk Horn, IA].  

We are going to be doing the Tivoli Fest with the Egg Krate in May and we are really excited to be vendors for that event.

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