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Have you tried an online auction before?  I see them popping up more and more.  Although I prefer to work directly with farm/land owners and family members of an estate because we learn the history of an item. I am finding an auction is another source of unique finds.

So I tried my hand at bidding on an online auction.  I was pleasantly surprised as the week went along that I wasn't being out-bid on too many items, and where I was I could up the price by a dollar or two.  As the auction came close to ending I realized this is when the real action happens!  In just the last few minutes I was out-bid on everything except one item.

HorseshoesI was disappointed I didn’t win the bid on the vintage tricycle, wagon, wagon wheels, sewing box and quilts.  However, I did win on the “fruit crate” that had horseshoes and other metal miscellaneous items.  I wasn’t sure what all was in the box, but I knew the horseshoes would be a welcome addition into the store and we could use them to make metal art.

With the online auction you have to pick-up on a certain day during a certain time-frame.  Unfortunately, we were unable to get there.  We called friends of ours who lived near the area and asked them if they could pick-up this “fruit crate” for us.  We explained it wasn’t very big and should fit in the back of their van.

Mr. Hardworking Loading the Large BoxSo… I guess I didn’t gauge the picture very well!  My friend asked me if I knew how big the box was after they arrived and I said yes, a fruit crate size.  (If you know me you know I love to decorate with crates.  I have them in the store as display walls and in our home hanging on the walls in several rooms).  My friend had to return home with their van and send her husband to get his truck.

I still didn’t understand how large or heavy this “fruit crate” was until my husband went to get it the next day before he went to work.  Said “fruit crate” was a very large wooden box filled with all kinds of metal pieces and incredibly heavy!

I am so grateful to my friends for not getting mad at me and getting this wooden behemoth!  In order for Mr. Hardworking to get it into our vehicle he had to put the tailgate down on the truck and back our Yukon up and slide it from one vehicle to the other!

Auction Box full of Metal

So, this was my first and only online auction experience so far.  I actually ended up with many more horseshoes than I thought and the metal pieces that we uncovered were very cool.  I can see a lot of metal art projects in the spring.  Here are two pictures of only a small amount of what we discovered in the BIG BOX.

 Auction Box Contents, Pic 1
Picture 1: Auction Box Contents

 Auction Box Contents, Pic 2
Picture 2: Auction Box Contents


Do you have any interesting auction stories to share?  We would love to hear from you.

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