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The following article contains the steps I followed to create an 'American Flag' by upcycling/repurposing old baby crib springs:

Step 1: Obtain old baby crib springs (my cost $0.00)Baby Crib Springs

Step 2: Find cloth you want to use to weave into the springs.  I didn't want to purchase red, white and blue material and really wanted to see if I could make this with anything I already had on hand (my cost $2.00).  After digging around I came up with material I felt would get the look I wanted to achieve.

Step 3: Gather safety pins (my cost $0.00 - had on hand). Safety Pins

Step 4: Decide where you are going to position the blue portion of the flag on the metal springs and how much material you will need to cut.  After measuring and marking my cloth, I cut out one large piece of material.  Next, I measured how wide I would need for each row to weave and cut the material into strips.Strips of Blue and White Cloth 

Strips of Cloth

Step 5: Weave the blue portion of the flag and secure each end of the strip with a safety pin.

Safety Pins Secure the Cloth Blue and White Checkerboard Cloth

Step 6: Repeat the steps for weaving the cloth strips for the long portion running left-to-right under the blue part of the flag.

Step 7: Repeat the steps for weaving the cloth strips for the shorter portion running left-to-right next to the blue part of the flag.  I choose to use a safety pin to attach my red/tan (burlap) to the blue and white checkerboard strip on the left.  I was able to secure the right side the same as the other strips.

Safety Pins Secure the Cloth  

Step 8: Cut any loose strings and reposition any material as needed.

Step 9: ENJOY!  We hung ours outside the front of our house (also the entrance to Anvil Market storefront formerly The Front Porch Gift Shop).

Finished American Flag Finished American Flag Finished American Flag 

The total cost of this project was $2.00.  The total time I took me from start-to-finish was 45 min.  Would love to see pictures of your creations!


This article was written by Liz Gaunt, co-owner of Anvil Market.

Grace Designs & The Front Porch Gift Shop merged with Anvil Market in 2017.

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