A Mother's Prayer

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A Mother's Prayer

A Mother’s Prayer

Oh give me patience when tiny hands Tug at me with their small demands And give me gentle and smiling eyes Keep my lips from sharp replies. And let not fatigue, confusion or noise Obscure my vision of life's little joys. So when, years later, my house is still No bitter memories, its rooms may fill.

Author: Unknown



I made the attached printable for my sweet friend Emily, and framed it as a gift for her. She is a mother of four active, outgoing, and adorable kids.

When my Grandparents were moving out of their home, and downsizing into another home, I was given a framed prayer titled "A Mother's Prayer". My Grandmother had it hanging in her home for many years. The prayer was given to her by a parent of one of her students.  My Grandmother taught school (including special education) for over 30 years.  My Grandmother also raised 8 children, had foster children and foreign exchange students. The framed prayer now hangs on my bedroom wall.


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